QUALITY CONTROL MANAGEMENT MODEL

 Quality Control Assurance

Bee There Cleaning Service QCM (Quality Control Management) is committed to the overall quality of your business. Our commitment stands strong in providing exceptional cleaning services to our customer by controlling and monitoring overall cleaning effectiveness at every service location.

Bee There Cleaning Service uses a tiered model for our quality control management. This model shows a holistic approach and adequate supervision for our Quality Control Assurance Program:

1.        Cleaning Technician Supervisor: Our commercial cleaning supervisors are the front line approach to quality management. Their job is to follow the scope of work, use the detailed checklist to provide consistent quality, and log any problems or concerns (i.e. low toiletries, broken items, building structural problems, and etc.)  In communication log to customers.

2.       Account and Health & Safety Manager: Our Account Management and Health & Safety Manager preforms unannounced job site inspections on service days, provides customer feedback and QA/QC reports, logs all data (i.e. from communication book, feedback, job site checks, and etc.) into CRM System. Site Inspections are done weekly at minimum.

3.       Area Management: Our Area Management oversees supervisors, account and health & safety manager QC/QA in the service area. Area Management also schedules customers announced job site inspection, communicates with customers on feedback and QA/QC, and provides reporting to corporate office in regards to overall cleaning effectiveness and improvements that may need to be made for the best quality of service.

4.       Corporate Management: Our corporate management oversees all data and reporting from our Quality Control Management. Our goal is to minimize any inconsistencies, develop stronger cleaning effectiveness approaches, and contact customers on any revisions we have made to on a corporate level to ensure the best quality control.