Where Do Germs Hide In Your Workspace and How Cleaning Services Improves Your Space?


When you look at your workplace you probably don’t see full garbage cans, carpets have been vacuumed and your office appliances are free from dust. You might go even further step to ensure that your entryway is sparkling clean, but how clean is your working space? While tidiness and cleanliness are absolutely critical for your business and general employee morale, there are some office places that are often overlooked that pose health dangers to you, your employee and clients.

There are different places where germs can hide in your workspace. According to research, germs are the cause of flu and other illnesses transmitted from person to person. Here are some of the places in your workspace that you should clean and disinfect regularly to avoid infectious illnesses.

General office space

There are a number of places where germs and bacteria can hide in office spaces. With the knowledge that germs can survive for two days outside the body, they pose more danger to anyone who enters your offices. The Study shows there are more bacteria in these places than in average toilets. Some of the places where bacteria hide include:

·         Desktop surfaces: desktop is the place everyone places their hands you place your food or snacks as well as all the documents circulating. This makes it the best breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

·         Keyboards: keyboards are notorious for food debris hence germs. Is easier for food particles to get stuck on your keyboards making it a healthy breeding space for germs.

·         Phones: phones might be the easiest way of spreading bacteria since they help close to the mouth. They can quickly transfer bacteria from surfaces to the user.

·         Door knobs: everybody touches your door knob to gain an entry to your office, making it a good place to breed germs and transfer them to other people.


At any given time or place where you have a large group of kids, you will have germs, no matter how clean the place is kept. Kids inevitably place dirty hands on literally every time, including toys, counter tops, and books. After that, they end up putting the same toys in their mouth and rub the nose or eyes which increase their chances of getting disease like

•        Colds, flu or respiratory infections

•        Gastroenteritis

•        Hand, foot, and mouth

•        Pink eye, etc.

Daycare has many places where germs can hide, some of the places are bathrooms, lunch tables, nap mats, door knobs, faucets and countertops and water fountains, all these places need extra attentions when cleaning to remove all food debris, and sanitization of every place to avoid disease spread. Daycare is the most sensitive place because there are children involved who need special care and treatment.


Restaurants are places where cleanliness and tidiness is given the first priority. It is an ultimate luxury place where you go at times when you are too tired and don’t feel like making dinner at home. Unfortunately, while you are enjoying your meal at your favorite restaurant, it is often trumpeted by unseen and unexpected hazards that cause health hazards. These are the most germ-infested places in a restaurant.

·         Tabletops: restaurants table tops are rarely wiped with bacteria-killing agents. Due to food debris and people touching it, tabletops are the most germ-infested places in a restaurant.

·         Salt and pepper shakers: aside from many different people using the salt shakers, they are rarely cleaned.

·         Menus: menus are mostly handled by anyone who enters a restaurant which means they carry more bacteria from everyone and passes to other people.

Other places like seats, ketchup bottles, bathroom knobs and faucets, lemon wedges and much more, are all infested with germs.

Medical offices

A trip to a medical officer will make you feel better, but can also send you back to the hospital hour or days after the visit. Medical offices are places where different people with various illness walk in and out on a daily basis, meaning it will never be completely germ-free. While at these places your hands may come into contact with germs on the doorknobs, office desktops, bed rails, telephone, touching the IV line or even touching other patients.

The Benefits of hiring professional cleaning companies

Cleaning all the places in your office can be a daunting job. You will need the services of professional cleaning services to handle other places that you can’t reach on a daily basis. Hiring professional services should be viewed as an investment, not a cost. Professional cleaning services help in:

·         Maintain a clean and germ-free environment

·         Preserves and protects your office assets

·         Brings an added value to your workspace

·         Create healthy workspaces and happy employees.

·         Improves air quality in workspaces

There are many benefits of hiring professional cleaning services when you connect with these benefits, then you will understand the value of professional cleaning companies