Extractor Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

Carpet cleaning can be done in so many ways, but professionals have the best ways of doing it. It is essential for you to clean your carpet regularly to avoid germs and dirt infesting the carpet and infecting you. A clean carpet has a longer and healthier life than the dirty carpet. If you are one of those people who wait for the carpet to get dirty for you to clean it, you might be doing everything wrong. Remember we cannot see germs, and by the time you get to see that there is dirt on your carpet, it might be too late, and some of the damage will have been done.

Extractor Carpet cleaning is also called hot water cleaning, and it involves the use of hot water sprayed on the carpet. The process starts with spraying hot water on the carpet and at the same time vacuuming the dislodged dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Extractor carpet cleaning does not involve the use of chemicals to clean the carpet, and if there is any detergent added to the water, it is small. In extractor carpet cleaning, cold water is not used because it is not considered to be as effective as the hot water. In this process, a carpet extractor is used, and it uses a combination of pressure, heat, and suction to remove all the dirt that is dislodged in the carpet. One advantage of using extractor carpet cleaning is that it allows the cleaning materials to penetrate deep into the deepest areas of the carpet cleaning even the dirt that is down below the carpet. It is the most popular of cleaning methods that are used for deep clean carpeting, and it is also very effective because unlike other methods that clean only the surface of the carpet, it penetrates deep inside. It is also the safest way because it doesn’t require the use of chemicals and it doesn’t leave any residue behind making it safe for those people who are allergic to chemicals.

There is a difference between extraction carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. The main difference being the temperature of the water used. Some people confuse hot water extraction with steam carpet cleaning while they are two entirely different processes. In steam carpet cleaning, water is heated until it becomes steam. The steam is then subjected on the carpet cleaning all the dust on the carpet. However, steam carpet cleaning is not as effective as compared to extractor carpet cleaning. This is because it doesn’t involve the use of water that is required to completely rinse the fibers and cleaning the carpet thoroughly. The ability of the steam to thoroughly clean the carpet depends entirely on the amount of heat applied to the water. When the dirt in the carpet is subjected to this amount of heat and pressure, it breaks down and becomes loose for vacuuming. Steam carpet cleaning is preferred because it uses little amount of water compared to extractor carpet cleaning and other methods. Steam carpet cleaning doesn’t also use chemicals, and it is referred to as green carpet cleaning because it is safe for the environment. Steam cleaning is very effective in killing germs because vapor can kill and disinfect germs without the use of chemical disinfectants. It is also effective in killing bed bugs, dust mites and other insects that hide in carpets, beddings, and upholstery. When the steam reaches a temperature of 150-170 degrees, it is very effective for killing bed bugs and their eggs.

When you opt to use a steam carpet cleaner, you only need hot water, but unfortunately, you will have to wait for some time for the carpet to dry completely. You can’t steam clean a carpet and walk on it immediately or after just a few hours. You will have to wait approximately 12 and 24 hours to step on that carpet again. However, if you use a professional steam cleaning company’s services, it takes less time to clean and also it takes less time to dry. Professional steam cleaners have bigger machines and equipment that dry the steam completely and faster which in turn means less drying time. Sometimes it depends on your carpet and the amount of water used to clean it for it to dry completely. Steam carpet cleaning will take less time to dry as compared to extractor carpet cleaning because it uses complete seam and it is vacuumed while on the other hand, extractor carpet cleaning uses hot water and pressure to clean. Even if the hot water is vacuumed, the amount of moisture left will be a little bit more than the one left using steam cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is well done by professionals and extractor cleaning method is the most used as compared to steam cleaning method. This is because it penetrates deep inside the carpet and cleans all the dirt dislodged beneath the carpet.