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Bee There Cleaning Service was founded in December 2013 by Tyree James and Natara Braxton in Wall, NJ. Tyree’s dream was to own a business, develop a unique brand, and provide for his family. Natara’s dream was only to support the person she loved and help in any way possible. With lack of income and no starting point Tyree know one thing- he wanted to start a cleaning service. He researched and she researched and shared knowledge on what they found. They then identified company needs for identity, structure, and cleaning effectiveness. As time went on a business picked up really slowly they indulged themselves on structure; Tyree felt as if structure of their company was the most important aspect of their company.

“As our company went into the New Year I wanted to show our legitimacy; that we were the most professional and knowledgeable cleaning service.” –Tyree James

With no loans and a lack of income. They grow the company by reinvestment into their business, company structure, and brand identity in Wall, NJ. As the company continued to reinvest into themselves and provided great cleanings to both home and business they solidified their company in Wall, NJ and surrounding areas. As of January 1, 2017; Bee There Cleaning Service has opened its second location in Brigantine, NJ and surrounding areas.


Structuring the business using the successful 3P Business Model while taking an aggressive approach on great company structure and great brand awareness. Our mission was to provide exceptional service while providing consistent and universal customer relation skills to boost customer retention, upsell services, and to provide them valuable information for cleaning their home or business.


As time continuous our company looks for ways to improve their customer relations skills, incorporate better more effective training methods, improve company structure, and to grow to be a worldwide brand in the cleaning industry. Our growth is contingent on capital, density of the industry, and our customers. We believe through time if we can minimize some of our contingencies we will be able to have a sustainable growth and a healthier profit margins. We meet all our challenges with hard work and dedication to our craft and spend an ample amount of time everyday correcting and making changes to process and structure, different pricing algorithms, and recrafting the word professionalism so that it conforms universally throughout our company.